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Empowering Organizations to Survive Physical and Verbal Encounters Backed by Real-World Expertise

When Experience and Impact Matter

Traci Ruiz is highly regarded as an entertaining, seasoned, and relatable speaker who delivers dynamic customizable presentations. She offers an extremely energized in-person, virtual, or hybrid 45-minute keynote and half or full-day interactive workshop. Alternative options may be available by contacting Traci. 

Through finessed storytelling, Traci creates memorable, actionable strategies and solutions for her audience to use to leverage themselves and others. Her multicultural female perspective as a trusted community police leader and her decades of public policy experience qualify Traci to connect with people globally to provide equitable, accessible insight.


Popular keynote & presentation topics include: 

  • Physical and Emotional Safety-A Priceless Return on Your Investment
  • Leadership Leverage to Incite Action
  • The Competitive Benefits of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • The Power of Personal Engagement
  • Resiliency-Shifting Perspectives

In Good Company...

Traci has been featured by many media outlets and partnered with amazing organizations, such as:

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Passionate Advocate for Justice

Traci is a fierce and passionate advocate for justice with a heart for serving and protecting the public. A widely sought-after innovator and trusted public safety figure with 25 years of police experience, Traci over-delivers when providing keynotes, corporate and community workshops, and expert witness testimony. She is uniquely positioned to educate, equip, and empower—especially underserved and marginalized populations—through community engagement, advocacy, safety and preparedness planning, and risk mitigation.


Empowering Workshops

Physical and Emotional Safety-Mitigate Risks and Unintended Costs

Traci retired as the highest ranking Latin female police officer in Michigan and is one of few women who have trained law enforcement officers and police academy recruits hand to hand combat for 20 years. She is an in-demand renowned motivational speaker who leveraged her experience to continue empowering and protecting the public with keynotes and through hands-on and scenario-based workshops. Traci has been described as highly energetic, captivatingly relatable, intensely motivating, and exceedingly inclusive. With multiple customizable topics, Traci is able to help you maximize personal, work, and home safety.

Safety Awareness
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De-escalation Techniques
Relationship Violence
Sexual Assault & Misconduct
Substance Use Awareness
Elder Advocacy

Elder Advocacy

Traci has over two decades of experience in a public safety setting, championing elder advocacy causes resulting in legislative action, and working with seniors. She is uniquely positioned to provide your next keynote and workshop facilitation.

With the pro-bono legal adoption of a 99-year young, now 103.5, non-related community member, Traci knows first-hand how confusing and challenging the system can be for seniors and their caregivers dealing with:

  • Loss of independence
  • Finding safe housing
  • Varied COVID protocols in nursing homes and assisted livings
  • Visitation rights
  • Case management
  • Legal and medical resources
  • Potential abuse, which can include financial, verbal, physical, and/or sexual violence

As a police detective in Michigan’s capital city, Traci created and co-chaired the Ingham County Elder Death Review Team, which worked toward preventing abuse and investigating elder deaths. She was the first detective in Michigan to uncover a homicide of a 94-year-old female where the accused was prosecuted and served several years in prison. This impelled Traci to initiate an elder abuse summit that introduced critical improvements across Michigan and established a statewide guideline.


Traci leads her audience with egregious thought-provoking case studies, resulting in collaborative creative solutions, for a memorable experience and a better understanding of how to:

  • Resource ethical care 
  • Recognize signs of abuse, neglect, and maltreatment
  • Report abuse and neglect
  • Navigate legal processes
Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Witness Testimony

Advocate for justice at your court case with an expert witness by your side.

As one of the few municipal officers to have ever worked on a locally created federal grand jury team and the first police officer ever appointed to the Michigan Governor’s Board of Medicine, Traci’s credibility is bolstered by decades of report analysis, thousands of interviews, case reviews, investigations, and hundreds of hours of court-room testimony. She has the extensive knowledge and first-hand experience that makes her uniquely qualified as your justice-driven expert witness for: 

  • Elder Abuse
  • Relationship Violence
  • Sexual Assault/Misconduct 
  • Law Enforcement Situations



Traci engages various stakeholders with her consistent dedicated work ethic and global approach to collaborative training and community initiatives.  She is an ambassador for inclusion, empowerment, and advancement in all that she does and is a strong advocate for underrepresented populations.

Teresa Robinson, PhD

Fire Chief at City of Ferndale Fire Department

Traci led the effort to build programs and services to deal with elder abuse throughout Michigan. She is very committed to helping vulnerable populations, not only through direct service, but also from a policy and training actions. Traci has the rare combination of a very passionate and effective leader while also being a great listener and advocate. Her commitment to DEI is unparalleled given her background. Most importantly, Traci is a connector with extensive roots in the community and the kinds of connections needed to collaborate across all law enforcement resources in the region.

William Donohue, PhD

Professor of Communication, Department of Communication, Michigan State University
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Traci Ruiz, serves with me at The Michigan Board of Medicine. Her deep law enforcement knowledge and understanding in the areas of victims rights, elder abuse, sexual abuse and/or trauma, victim advocate, and education of public has provided valuable support to our board. She is kind, diligent, energetic, and a good leader.

Dr. Mohammed Arsiwala

President-Michigan Urgent Care Business Health Solutions, State of Michigan Board of Medicine, Michigan State Medical Society
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I have worked for many years with Traci Ruiz on elder abuse issues. She is knowledgeable, dynamic, and enthusiastic about her work. A wonderful and talented person, she elevates the quality of life in our community.

Dean Sienko

M.D., M.S. Ingham County Medical Examiner and Medical Director, 1988-2011
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Traci has it all: training, experience, passion, a natural ability for instruction, and an infectiously uplifting attitude. Traci has a wealth of gifts to share with the community – and we’re all quite lucky that she has chosen to invest her energy, her vision, and her heart with our community.

Rose Tantraphol

Founder, Moonsail North
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Traci is a counselor and advisor to many because people seek her out for her extensive knowledge, wisdom, power of right judgment, and following the soundest course of action.

John J. Castillo

Castillo & Associates Consultants, Inc.
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Traci Ruiz Consultants provided an invaluable group facilitation of Safety Awareness and Self-Defense. Their extensive law enforcement experience, real world examples, and scenario based training made techniques memorable. I highly recommend Traci Ruiz Consultants for lifesaving skills, a priceless investment.

Danielle Grubaugh

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