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Empowering buinesses and people to stay safe

No one should have to feel unsafe. We care about your peace of mind and
can minimize your vulnera bility. Let us help improve your safety and
mitigate potential risks. Put your trust in Traci Ruiz Consultants-Satisfaction

What We Do

Traci Ruiz Consultants is an industry safety leader with 25 years of law enforcement experience in the areas of:
  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Prevention
  • Training

We lead your process. From analysis through implementation and beyond, we make sure your program meets your operational safety expectations. The ultimate goal is peace of mind for our customers.


Main Services

Safety Awareness and Self-Defense

Customized safety consulting to help mitigate risks for your business and your life.

Elder Abuse Awareness

Vulnerable adult protection, education, and training.

Secondary Services


Expert Witness Testimony

Specialized professional support for your elder, domestic violence, and sexual assault cases.

Custom Service

Speaking Engagements

Dynamic presentations with impactful content.

Training Videos


"Traci Ruiz Consultants provided an invaluable group facilitation of Safety Awareness and Self-Defense. Their extensive law enforcement experience, real world examples, and scenario based training made techniques memorable. I highly recommend Traci Ruiz Consultants for lifesaving skills, a priceless investment."

-Danielle Grubaugh
Dr. Arsiwala

“Traci Ruiz, serves with me at The Michigan Board of Medicine. Her deep law enforcement knowledge and understanding in the areas of victims rights, elder abuse, sexual abuse and/or trauma, victim advocate, and education of public has provided valuable support to our board. She is kind, diligent, energetic, and a good leader.”

-Dr . Mohammed Arsiwala
President-Michigan Urgent Care Business Health Solutions, State of Michigan Board of Medicine, Michigan State Medical Society

I have worked for many years with Traci Ruiz on elder abuse issues. She is knowledgeable, dynamic, and enthusiastic about her work. A wonderful and talented person, she elevates the quality of life in our community.

-Dean Sienko, M.D., M.S.
Ingham County Medical Examiner and Medical Director, 1988-2011

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